What is Asset Modding?


Producing Content for your games can be expensive and time consuming, and this is where Asset Stores can add value in your development process. We’re Game Developers that love and use Asset Stores, however, there are challenges if you desire your store-bought game assets to appear unique or desire to provide your Players customization options for Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, etc. 

This is due to many assets being sold as a whole pieces or modular sets with few customization options. We had an idea, what if we built a Game Development Community that modded Game Dev Assets to create unlimited customizations and a Marketplace to sell/buy them?

Mass Customization: Community-Driven Asset Modding

Community-Driven Asset Modding that could virtually produce an endless supply of parts & pieces, accessories, add-ons, and plugins for store bought assets in which Game Devs can compose unique content in their Games.

We’ve devised our Licensing Terms from the ground up to support Community-Driven Asset Modding. It allows Talented Artists, Musicians, Writers, Programmers to Create new assets and accessories (interchangeable parts and materials), add-ons, extensions and plugins for each others Assets and Applications, and sell them in TheGameDevStore.com Marketplace.