Are YOU a AssMod?

An AssMod is…

AssMod = Asset Modder. A talented Individual that modifies Video Game Assets for a distinguished aesthetic or additional functionality. The Problem – many Primary Assets such as 3D Characters, Weapons, Vehicles are sold as a whole pieces with few customization options and no extension packs. 

Because of this, there are challenges for Game Developers using these Assets if you desire a unique look or to provide your Players customization options for their Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, etc. Asset Modders can solve this problem and fulfill this need.

What is

We are Game Developers who love and use Asset Stores, we often found ourselves in need of Asset Modders, and we knew we were not the only Game Developers in need. This notion inspired us to build Game Development Community that modded Game Dev Assets to create massive customization and a Marketplace to sell/buy them.

Our Mantra:  Be the World’s One-Stop Shop for Modular, Customizable, and interchangeable Digital Assets for Interactive Computer Games. Community-driven Mass Customization to help Game Developers  maximize the uniqueness of your Game World and Entities.

Mass Customization

Imagine a Community of Game Developers of various skill and talent who collaborate and customize Game Assets… We call it Community-Driven Asset Modding and we believe when coupled with modular design, it can virtually produce an endless supply of parts & pieces, accessories, add-ons, and plugins for store bought assets in which Game Developers can better personalize content for their Games. Mass Customization for store-bought Game Assets.

Community Marketplace

We’ve devised our Business Model and Terms from the ground up to support Community-Driven Asset Modding.  3D Modelers, Animators, 2D Artists, Musicians, Writers, Programmers, and other Talented Individuals can create new assets and accessories (interchangeable parts and materials), add-ons, extensions and plugins for each others Assets and Applications, and sell them in Marketplace.

Multi-Vendor Mod Commissions

Up to 90% Commission + 20% per Mod Seller. We incentivize Community-Driven Asset Modding with a Multi-Vendor Mod Commission Structure in which Vendors can generate greater profits with Mods by other Vendors created for their Products.


  • 70% commission from product (base) sales.
  • 20% commission from Mod sales. No limit to the number of Mods.
  • 90% (70% + 20%) commission on your own Mod sales.
  • Receive 20% Discount on purchasing Mods from other Creators for your Base Products at ( 20% commission) by default.

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