TGDSO Points

TGDSO Points

TGDSO provides an Point/Scoring Management Interface in which can assign the games point/score values externally.


Returns a list of scores either for a user or globally for a game.


"method":"Points_GET",   Service Transaction Method.
 "signature":"6e73861fd2d75a76e54b472e609eaf98", hashPrevious Signed Authentication Token issued by AKO Contest Server.
 "username":["techlordx", "gamaster4"]xstring arrThe username(s)  that you’d like to retrieve. An array is used to get 1 or more users. 
"id": 4}    


"result": {    
 "signature":"3208fde0470719372f8313ddd5884a75",xhashSigned Authentication Token issued by AKO Contest Server.
 "points":[  List of Users start here
 {"id":1intThe ID of the user. KO
 "username":"techlordx"xstring The user’s username.
 "description":"ArcadeKomodo Developer"stringThe description that the user put in for themselves. HTML tags and new lines have been removed.
 "avatar_url":""xstringThe URL of the user’s avatar.
 "website":""stringThe user’s website, if they put one in.
 "signed_up":"01/01/2013"string How long ago the user signed up.
 "last_logged_in":"today"string How long ago the user was last logged in. Will be “Online Now” if the user is currently online.
 "status":"active"}xstring“Active” if the user is still a member on the site. “Banned” if they’ve been banned.
 ]  Additional Users objects follow.
"id": 4}    
 "failure":1xintegerFailure Code 1: Authentication Failed. Incorrect Username/Password Combination.
"id": 4}    


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