Vendor’s Guide

Vendor’s Guide

Vendor Product Setup (Licenses)

Products and Licenses only hosts Digital Products at this time. Please review Acceptance Guidelines

To Add New Product:

  1. Go to Products –> Add New.
  2. Edit Product Description:
    1. Add Product Name.
    2. Select ‘Use the Divi Builder’ to edit Product Descriptions with Divi Visual ‘Block’ Builder  to customize Product Descriptions with advanced features.
  3. Edit Product License:
    All Digital Products are distributed with a License on a per User basis. Customers can purchase any quantity of Licenses for one or more Team Members at any time. Currently, there is no bulk discount offering for purchasing multiple Licenses.
    1. Go to Product data — Select ‘License Key’ from Drop down.
    2. Check Virtual and Download Checkboxes.
    3. Product data General – Type in Regular Price field (Note: Do NOT type any value in Sale Price field)
    4. Product data License Key – SKU (Name of product in one word, all caps, no spaces)

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