Accepted Products (Curated)

We specialize in Modular Content Packages to support Construction/Customization/Asset Modding. Content must be in formats compatible with UnrealEngine 4 and adhere to Epic’s Marketplace Guidelines. Other Game Development Suites will be supported in near future.

Here’s the Asset Products we currently accept:


  • Model ‘Parts’ with Materials, Animation with Full-bodied Assembly Examples.
  • Model Singular Mesh with Interchangeable Parts and Attachments with Example of  customization.
  • 3D KitBash Packs
  • Material / Skin Packs
  • Animation Sets, Blendspaces, Morph


  • Music Patterns, Sounds (Instruments and Effects) with Transition and 2 Song Examples.
  • Voice Acting Packs: Announcer and Narration.

Script-based (Blueprints)

  • Utility
  • Tools
  • Frameworks
  • Templates
  • Applications

Code Plugins with

  • Scripting Support
  • In-game support
  • 3rd Party Add-on Support
Not Accepted (REJECTED) Products
  • General
    • No Offensive NSFW (Not Safe For Work ) Content. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason.
  •  3D
    • Single Meshes without Interchangeable Parts|Clothing|Materials.
  • 2D
    • No Graphics such as BitmapFont, Icons, are accepted at this time.

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