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WordPress Online Subsystem API for HTTP (WooSaH)

Provides API for Online Subsystem Services in which UE4 Game Server/Clients communicate your directly with your WordPress-powered Website. Online Subsystem Services: User Authentication Presence Server Presence & Matchmaking Friends Lists Tournaments: Tiered...


Project Title   Description GOD of DREAMS is a Next Gen 3D FTPS/RPG MMO Sandbox & Asset Store powered by UnrealEngine 4. It was originally intended to be an Interactive 3D Playground to highlight TheGameDevStore.com Modular Assets. But, As Game Developers, we...

Multi-Vendor Mod Commissions

Up to 90% Commission + 20% per Mod Seller. We incentivize Community-Driven Asset Modding with a Multi-Vendor Mod Commission Structure in which Vendors can generate greater profits with Mods by other Vendors created for their Products. Generate: 70% commission from...

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Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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