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Hello Fellow Gamer Devs, a few years back, I was devising plans to build a MMO VR Mall with UE4 called the The HierArch Emporium. Over the years, my plans and goals have changed, but this concept has been nagging me from the subconscious. I believe it is the underlining motivation to build a traditional online store (which will be the Ultimate Game Developer’s Online Store ). In a discussion with Dartanlla on MMO Servers, flashbacks of the HierArch Emporium Logo flickered off/on, interrupting my thoughts. 

Many of the features I desired in the HierArch Emporium are in web version. In fact, these features are improved in the web version. So I’m sort of working in reverse building the eStore first, followed by the VR Store. The concept of a 3D Virtual Mall is not new (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), but, I’m confident my version will be very unique experience because I see things through the eyes of a Gamer Dev.

As a Gamer Dev, I intend to employ the latest Game Development Technology such as: Scalable Concurrent User Support, State of the Art Rendering/Engine Tech: UnrealEngine 4, Modular Themes: Fantasy, SCi-Fi, others, VR Headset Support, Physics, Particles Systems. I’m even throwing in some Weapons and AI monsters to add entertainment value I enjoy.

Until now, I did not see Arch Viz in my future game development, but, now I do in constructing the Levels for TheGameDevStore’s VR Emporium. I’m a Scripter, not so much an 3D Arch Viz Artist, so my first stop is the UnrealEngine Marketplace ArchViz Section. My goal is to arrange various Interiors into a Futuristic Mall of sorts. is a Marketplace with a focus on Game Development. Gamer Devs can purchase Game Assets, Game Dev Books and way more. The VR Store’s purpose is to compliment the Websites, allowing Gamer Devs to demonstrate Game Dev Assets (Media, Data, and Scripts/Code) in real-time. So what’s exciting here, is that all the same assets used to construct the Virtual World, are game assets that be purchased!

I’m approaching Arch Viz as a novice 3D modeler. As such, I’m designing a Futuristic Mall within my means by using low poly orthogonal shapes. I believe this will work in my favor as most Architecture, Appliances and Furniture are orthogonal in shape. I would expect using Lo-poly to offer excellent rendering performance for a massive Emporium and I’d rather reserve performance for actual products, than base Architecture. I intend to make good use of Static Mesh instancing.

The greatest challenge for me will be working with Materials, which I’ve acquired this and will be making more investments into Arch Viz materials. I’ve been working with materials for EyeManga3D, I’m getting comfortable with using the material editor, but, there is much, much more to learn about UE4s materials system.

In regards to designing the TheGameDevStore.VR Emporium, I’m going to conduct some research on Mall design. This is not purely a Arch Viz project so I don’t have to stick with Arch Viz limitations. I feel a Futuristic theme, gives me a license to go beyond the expected. I’m fascinated with real-world Modular Architecture and its an approach I’m going to take in the construction of the Emporium. There will be a deliberate modular design to it.

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