Morpheus Transformorph


Morpheus TRANSFORMORPH is a Real-time Skeletal Mesh Customization w/ Net Replication using Bone Transformorphing. Coming to Unreal Marketplace for UE4 4.25.


  1. Simple Setup.
  2. Skeletal Detection/Auto-generation.
  3. Host & Dedicated Multiplayer Replication.
  4. Multiple Configuration Save/Load.
  5. Procedural Random Property Generation.


  1. Instant Customization of Characters, Creatures, Weapons, Vehicles. Works on ANY SkeletalMesh!
  2. Multiplayer Ready, Customize and Share Configurations in Realtime over Network.
  3. Create Variety and Stylize any existing Skeletal Mesh Models…Save Time and Money.
  4. Use Skeleton Hierarchy Like Morph Targets.
  5. Get More Reuse with Models acquired from the Marketplace or otherwise.
  6. No Modeling Software / DCC Required.


Code Modules: Morpheus, Runtime
Number of Blueprints: 42
Number of C++ Classes: 2
Network Replicated: YES
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows


Email: mailto:[email protected]


Morpheus Transformorph: Real-Time Skeletal Mesh Bone Transformorph Customization System. Supports: Host & Dedicated Server Replication for Multiplayer, Asymmetrical Bone Transforming, Auto-Generation, Multi Configuration Save/Load, Level Editing of Multiple Skeletal Meshes, and much more.

License Details

Expiration Never. (Lifetime license)
Limit Unlimited uses and activations.


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