B A D * M O R F O: Multi-user 3D Object HyperBasher ( Editor | Constructor | Builder | Customizer | Prefabber | Modder ) An in-game multi-user framework | template | subsystems | embeddable application to extend into various Editors, Constructors, Builders, Customizers, Prefabbers, Modders. Potential Use for BAD*MORFO? We’re developing this subsystem for our own Game Product ExORION to support our Real-time Collaborative 3D HyperBashing Philosophy. We desired every Entity in ExORION to be customizable. We also desire to empower our users the ability to collaboratively customize Entities (adding a whole new dimension of Social Gaming to our Game Products). BAD MORFO is a Glorious 3D Object Multi-user Placement Tool. Its core feature set is Mesh Object Spawn/Delete, Orientation, Material Parameter Adjustments, Server Save/Load. It provides Visual abstraction, so that developers can easily add their own logic that meets their specific needs. The core feature set enables collaborative construction at various design layers:

  1. Designer
    • Level Building
    • Entity Variation Pre-fabrication: {Character Armor Sets, Masks/Helmets, Creatures, Firearm Weapons, Melee Weapons, Vehicles/Crafts, Machines, Props }
    Game Administrator / Story Director
    • Story / Dialogue / Narration
    • Mission/Quest Building
    • Customization
    • Structure Building

Add whether you think you need to or not… It’s one BAD*MORFO!

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