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GOD of DREAMS is a Next Gen 3D FTPS/RPG MMO Sandbox & Asset Store powered by UnrealEngine 4. It was originally intended to be an Interactive 3D Playground to highlight TheGameDevStore.com Modular Assets. But, As Game Developers, we wanted to put more emphasis on ‘Game’.

GOD of DREAMS draws inspiration from Playstation Home, Garry’s Mod, The Sandbox, VR ChatKingdom Hearts, and several FPS games. Built on a Multiplayer FTPS/RPG ‘Game Framework’ providing several popular FPS Game Mode presets using modular game mechanics (Mutators), Players collaboratively construct Environments and Entities, play testing assets during game-play.

Players create and host “Dreamworlds” game world simulation servers to intermix different Themes, Art Styles, Game Mechanics. Dreamworlds are interconnected via “Transportals” in which Players transfer between Dreamworlds individually or in groups.

With this network architecture GOD of DREAMS will introduce the concept Game World Simulation Interaction (that is, to communicate data, and to synchronize actions), allowing different Game World simulations to dynamically merge content, game mechanics, players, etc. Players will be able to clone, modify, combine, extend sections of existing DreamWorlds to create new ones.

Traditional Games lock the content into their game world. Our Game, extends the content beyond our game world. Players can purchase any of the digital content within the game worlds for download/use on-demand at anytime.



  1. MMO (1000+ concurrent Users), Multi-Singleplayer (Single Player w/ Multi-Player NPC Possession)
  2. Copilot Control Scheme: Multiple Players per Single Character. 
  3. FTPS/RPG Game Core:
    • Unified Customization (Hyperbashing) Collaborative Construction/Customization with Modular Parts: Characters, Armor Sets, Masks, Creatures, Weapons, Melee Weapons, Vehicles/Crafts, Machines, Architecture, Structures, Props,
      * Supports Collaborative Level Designer, Missions/Quest Builder, & Story/Dialogue Building System.
    • Procedural/Generative Content Systems for Environment and Entities.
    • Mass Destruction and Dismemberment
    • On-demand Vantage POV: Smooth transition between First Person to ThirdPerson to Cinematic Camera.
    • In-game Portrait & Icon Creation System.
    • Unified Projectile-based Combat System for Guns, Bows, Magic, Melee Weapons, Melee Attacks.
    • Unified Jobs (Non-combat) Repetitive Tasks/Recycling Systems: Mining, Farming, Fishing. Lumbering, Hunting.
    • Unified Inventory System: Attributes, Skills/Abilities, Weapons/Magic, and Equipment.
    • Unified Text Console: Chat, Dialogue, Script/Macros, Bot Commands.
    • Text/Voice Recognition and Synthesis.
    • Mutators: Modular Game Mode Rules.
    • Modular Puzzle Mechanics.
    • Cash-Driven / Non-Cash Driven Tournaments: PvP & PvE
    • Next Generation Behavioral Rules-based AI for Bosses, Soldiers, Zombies, Wildlife.
    • Active Billboard/Poster/Decal Advertising System.
  4. Full-service Shopping Mall/Marketplace: Virtual & Digital Goods Delivery.
  5. VR Support (HMD + Motion Controls): Massive Multiplayer Spectating, Procedural Railshooter Style Camera System, Voice Recognition.
  6. Base Platform: PC; Other Platforms supported with Pixel Streaming Technology.
Talent Required

We’re building a in-house Content Creation Team to support the GOD of DREAMS and promote the concept of Modular Asset Modding to new Vendors joining the Community.

The goal of establishing an in-house Content Creation Team is to influence high quality, high performance, and compatibility standards between Modular Parts Mods. Mods must be compatible with the base product they’re linked to.

Any and all game-ready assets produced by the team will be published to the website for immediate distribution, commission, and inspiration.

Dreamworld Server/Client communicate to TheGameDevStore Server via Custom HTTP API providing in-app purchases / download management, matchmaking, scoreboards, and other online subsystem services.

State Seats Taken Title Tasks
OPEN 4 0 3D Character & Creature Parts Modelers Creates Character and Creature Basebody and Organic Parts & Accessories Attachments.
OPEN 4 0 3D Mechanical Parts Modelers Creates Mechanical Parts Parts & Accessories Attachments.
OPEN 4 0 Character Clothing/Armor Modelers Creates Clothing Sets for Character Creatures.
OPEN 4 0 Character & Creature Animators Creates Organic and Mechanical Mesh Parts Animations.
OPEN 2 0 Technical Artist Creates High Quality Materials for new and existing Assets. Proficient in UE4 Material.
OPEN 2 1 Network Blueprints Gameplay Programmers Create Modular Game Mechanics and Subsystems.
FILLED 1 1 Web API Developer HTTP, PHP, Javascript, MySQL (To assist with Custom API development; WordPress API Experience a Plus).

With our compensation plan, our Developers will generate high percentage royalty (70%+) in a shorter time-frame because they do not have to wait on a finished to game product to receive royalties.

This is far superior compensation model, compared to the traditional Royalty model that will only produce an avg 10% Royalty, if the product is ever completed and published.

Our Compensation Plan

  • 70% commission from product (base) sales

  • 20% commission from Mod sales. No limit to the number of Mods.

  • 90% (70% + 20%) commission on your own Mod sales.

  • Receive 20% Discount on purchasing Mods from other Creators for your Base Products at ( 20% commission) by default.

Website https://thegamedevstore.com
Contact Live Chat: https://discord.gg/aznrkRF
Email: [email protected]
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