UE4 Modular Mann

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The Famous UE4 Mannequin split into 18 Parts (Skeletal Meshes). Great for testing with modular Humanoid Character. Includes Raw FBX files.

UE4 4.24


2 reviews for UE4 Modular Mann

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    Frankie Taylor (verified owner)

    Great for testing True First Person-to-Third Person perspective by hiding/showing individual parts as needed.

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    Robert Byrd (verified owner)

    Dunno what happened. But copied Content folder from downloaded version 4.24, to my 4.25.3 engine…it crashed it and took out the whole content folder with it. Everything gone poof. Autosave, was a mess, and didnt have a backup. But now i set all that up. Hard lesson learned, be careful and backup your stuff. Get cloud storage..that would been a terrible feeling if it was a near completed portion of a project.
    Other then that No complaints, works as intended.

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