Morpheus Transformorph is Real-time Multiplayer Skeletal Mesh Customization System using Bone Transformorphing.

Transformorph ANY Skeletal Mesh:

  • Humanoids
  • Multi-peds / Non-Humanoids
  • Vehicles
  • Modular Skeletal Meshes
  • Weapons
  • Others

Availabile On: $19.95 /2 Years
UnrealMarketplace $24.95


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  • Skeletal Detection/Auto-generation. Works with ANY SkeletalMesh.
  • Host & Dedicated Server Multiplayer Replication & Single Player.
  • Multiple Configuration Save/Load.
  • Random Property Generation.
  • Real-time Player Customization. (Collaborative Edit Supported)
  • Design-time Customization / Convert To Static Mesh in Unreal Editor.
  • Decoupled GUI Logic.


  • Instant Customization of Characters, Weapons, Vehicles, Props. Works with ANY SkeletalMesh!
  • Share Configurations over Network.
  • Stylize existing Skeletal Mesh Models…Save Time & Money.
  • Deform Creature Characters… Create Monster large variety from single mesh.
  • Use Skeleton Bones Like Morph Targets.
  • Automatically Scales Physics Asset (PHAT) Bodies and Collision Detection.
  • No Modeling Software / DCC Required.
  • Export Transformorphed Static Meshes From UnrealEditor to DCC for additional customization.

 Code Modules:

  • Morpheus, Runtime 
  • MorpheusEditor, Editor

Number of C++ Classes: 2
Plugin Content: YES
Number of Blueprints: 42
Network Replicated: YES
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: Documentation on Google

Example Project: See Plugin Content.

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