PROCROC (Bone-Driven Deforming System aka Morphbones ) that started as a Design-time and Run-time Procedural Generation System to create infinite variations for {Pebbles, Rocks, Boulders, Meteorites, Asteroids}. But, evolved into a Dynamic Modular Construction Kit for Entities.

The PROC ROC Entity Construction Kit, highlights the use UnrealEditor’s Content Operations to Kitbash Game Entities with High-Density Modular Assembly (which Future Game Engine Technology like UnrealEngine V’s Nanite Technology will suppport).

With High-Density Modualr Assembly, Entities are assembled from mesh parts to create large and small detail. With this form of modularity You can create a vast amount of variety in your games, and reuse Entities to save Time and Money.

With Bone-Driven Deformation, the mesh shape can be transformed at run-time to change appearence and also serve as special effect for Impact Damage.

Prototype Ideas with PROC ROCs Meshes.

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