Provides API for Online Subsystem Services in which UE4 Game Server/Clients communicate your directly with your WordPress-powered Website.

Online Subsystem Services:

  1. User Registration  & Authentication
  2. Server/Client Registration, Presence & Matchmaking
  3. Users, Groups, Friends Lists
  4. Tournaments/Contests: Linear and Tiered Leaderboards
  5. Scoring
  6. Inventory
  7. Achievements
  8. Store (via WordPress WoocommerceeStore Plugin) & Purchase (In-Game and Online.)
  9. Banners (Adverts) – in-game advertising billboards/posters/decals
  10. Licenses

WooSaH is being designed with the highest priorities on Security, Performance, Flexibility, and Developer-friendliness, respectively. All operations dealing with sensitive data and anti-cheat mechanisms are handled securely on WooSaH Contests Servers. WooSaH is flexible enough to work along side other Online APIs on the Client-side and provides an interface to popular Web-based API’s for Steam, Facebook, Google Play, GameJolt, others, thorough on the back-end.

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